Sports and doping have been closely linked for decades. It can’t be avoided. No matter how sports functionaries try to control sportsmen’s taking anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), they are applied and will inevitably be used in the future. Let’s consider a very important issue connected with taking AAS – impotence.

Why do some athletes and amateurs use AAS?

In most cases, men who are regular visitors of different sports sections opt for using these drugs. Of course, regular exercises greatly improve health and have a favorable impact on the overall physical form. Men’s potency is enhanced by special exercises, which should be aimed at improving the blood current and outflow in the pelvic organs. These may be exercises with a focus on leg muscles, hips, variations of squats with or without load. AAS help build up muscles much faster than sports, but they are not always completely safe.
All athletes in certain kinds of sport, in particular, bodybuilding use AAS. No doubt, there are various “natural methods” and different food additives, which, when used correctly, can lead to quite good results. The progress will be noticeable as long as the athlete reaches his genetic ceiling. No matter how gifted an athlete is, his natural limits are significantly below those standards, which are required for successful performance in competitions.

How do AAS affect male potency?

Everyone must have heard that AAS are very harmful. Let’s get a deeper insight into this issue.
Since all AAS substances affect the same receptors as the main male hormone (testosterone), AAS abuse is usually associated with a strong enhancement of libido and enlarged frequency of sexual intercourses and orgasms. The effect of AAS abuse on erectile function is variable. In many cases, increased frequency and duration of penile erection are recorded. In other cases, male persons report about recurrent problems with erection or maintaining it even when hormone levels are high and libido is significantly increased.
Problems with erection are also common after discontinuation of AAS therapy when the androgen level in the body is low. This is because, over time, the body realizes that its own production of hormones is no longer needed, because they are received from the outside. There is a natural decrease in T hormone, which is no longer produced. Without taking steroid-contained tablets potency weakens substantially. A vicious circle emerges.

Preventing bad effects

First of all, it should be noted that if you are not a professional athlete (bodybuilder, powerlifter, etc.), taking AAS is undesirable. Doctors insist on using AAS exclusively for medical reasons, which include the lack of such substances in the body, in particular if a male person suffers from hypogonadism.
To avoid negative effects, sportsmen can undertake the so-called post-cycle therapy which involves using anti-androgen medicaments. This therapy is aimed at stimulating T hormone natural production, enhancing the recovery process and reducing the time needed for it.

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