There are controversial approaches to the effect of bike riding on male potency. They appeared in the late 1990-s when the press published interesting results of research on this problem. Since then, the opinions of people who are somehow connected with bicycles have divided into 3 groups: the 1st group representatives claim that cycling has a bad effect on potency; others argue that the impact is good; the third party is of the opinion that cycling does not affect potency at all. Let’s consider each point of view in detail.

Opinion 1: cycling adversely affects potency

In 1998, a study of male cyclists was conducted at Boston University. It showed that prolonged sitting on a bicycle saddle affected blood current in the genitals, which had a negative effect on potency. Numbness could occur during especially long rides. As it turned out, it was not news for professional cyclists, who had noted short-term numbness of certain parts of their bodies before. This occurs because of the long blood circulation disorder in the sexual organs when the saddle presses excessively the artery through which blood flows to the sexual organs. Usually, after the termination of the pressure on the artery, blood current is fully restored. But in the case of the very long-term and systemic pressure on the artery, it cannot be restored completely. Another danger for potency can be caused by genital injuries, although this happens quite rarely. According to the researchers, the problem of poor blood circulation during prolonged cycling can be avoided by using special orthopedic bicycle saddle.
By the way, a bicycle saddle is not an only factor threatening men’s sexual health. It can be weakened by a sedentary lifestyle. To prevent possible complications saddle chairs have been designed specifically for men leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Opinion 2: cycling is good for potency

Though conducted studies have unquestionable evidence, it has not been proven that all professional cyclists have sexual problems. Meanwhile, we know that these people have trained bodies, strong and tough leg muscles, healthy cardiovascular system, and other qualities typical for professional cyclists. Healthy heart and vessels have a positive effect on the whole body systems, including potency, so there is every reason to believe that bicycling improves potency and men’s health.

Opinion 3: cycling does not affect potency

Most likely, this may be stated by the man, who haven’t noticed in the use of bicycle any shift either in the direction of strengthening or weakening their potency.

Bicycle and potency: conclusions

Lovers of cycling do not necessarily have to give up their hobby, because there is no serious reason to worry about their sexual health. If prolonged sitting on a bicycle saddle really acted destructively on potency, cycling would not be a male-dominated sport, as not every man will sacrifice his sexual health for the sake of sports results. And for those who still worry about it, it may be advisable to buy a special orthopedic bicycle saddle.

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