In order to always please his sweetheart with something unusual in sex, a man can do everything. That is, he uses different methods applies new techniques and the like. Sometimes it happens that his potency gets weaker, and sex becomes impossible. Bad effect on potency can now be caused by stress, depression and all sorts of trouble our hectic life abounds in. In general, male persons want to be at their best and please their ladies. If virile strength has subsided, urgent measures are to be taken, not to make the situation worse. Let’s consider the issue of how to increase potency by the oriental method, that is, with the help of tantric sex (also known as neo tantra).

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an integral part of Yoga. Therefore, before discussing neo tantra in detail it the essence of Yoga should be clarified.
Yoga is a science about the development of human consciousness and its transformation in all forms and manifestations. Tantra is a very specific aspect of yoga, which in order to transform human consciousness uses the elements of daily life, such as sex.
In Tantra, the concepts of “impotence” and “satisfaction of women” are considered differently than in sexology. In sexology, impotence means only the absence of an erection. In Yoga male impotence (ED) is defined as the inability to delight a woman in the best possible way.
According to the recent studies, the average duration of a normal coitus in the world is approximately 7 minutes. Neotantra can last for an indefinitely long period of time. Therefore, the energies it generates are so powerful that they can eliminate the causes of disease, as well as cleanse and normalize the human body. This energy can help solve all the problems in life and without any supportive means or medicines cure of any gynecological and andrological disease including impotence. This occurs due to the fact that during tantric sex, the energy, which is much higher than the one typical for conventional sex, is generated.

Neotantra technique

Neotantra technique implies a long sexual intercourse without ejaculation, as it is considered a loss of masculine energy. Neotantra intercourse is based on the concentration of all sensations.
Before the sex act, partners carry out a series of actions to sharpen the sense of smell, tactile sensations, and taste buds, and to free their minds of inappropriate thoughts not related to the purpose of tantric sex practice. They include a pleasant low music, aphrodisiacs, gentle massage. For partners to succeed in the practice of naval tantra it is important to realize the goal: the expansion of consciousness and cognition of something very important and lying beyond the bounds, not just coitus with its end in the form of orgasm.
This technique is characterized by the use of the cult sexual positions Yab-Yum, which is a variation of the classic sitting posture. The position embodies the merging of yin and yang. Its advantages include comfort for both partners, the lack of predominance, the ability to watch each other’s eyes, to merge in a kiss with lips, to enter into each other’s arms, to synchronize partner’s breathing.

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