The evolutionary stage where men worked all day long on their feet to feed themselves and their off-springs, has passed. It has been replaced with another one, associated with a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle. Men of different occupations consider it more prestigious and highly paid. Therefore, many men sit 12 hours a day, without realizing that inactive way of life is dangerous for their health.
An inactive lifestyle triggers many problems. It is difficult to single out the most terrible one, so let’s list all its possible outcomes.

Problems arising from the sedentary way of life

I. Potency disorder
Continuous and strong blood current in the pelvic area is required for good potency. A sitting position affects blood current, which can lead to blood congestion, and a constant inactive lifestyle can trigger inflammatory processes.
II. Prostatitis
It is a male ailment, the full name of which is an inflammatory disorder of prostate gland. Difficult urination, a burning sensation in the perineum, reduced potency, slight orgasm, rapid ejaculation make up a list of its symptoms which is far from being complete. Men suffering from this disease cannot enjoy a full sex life.
III. Different spine ailments, such as lumbar osteochondrosis
IV. Digestion problems and hemorrhoids
Chronic constipation may be caused by immobility. Neglected constipation can lead to hemorrhoids, which is much harder to treat.
V. Excess weight
Many men do not realize that obesity is the cause of potency disorder and hormonal unbalance. Estrogen (women hormone), which is a complete opposite of testosterone (a male hormone), is formed in fatty tissue. This, in turn. leads to a decreased libido. Therefore, a male belly is not so innocent, and it is necessary to get rid of it.
VI. Reduced muscle and body tonus
Lack of good training leads to atrophy of the muscles. The atrophy of the myocardin is very hazardous, as this muscle is responsible for the vital functions of the whole body. Such atrophy can cause cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, angina etc. Heart and vascular diseases are factor provoking impotence.

How to reduce the harmful effect of an inactive lifestyle?

If possible, do a 10-minute rest every hour. During the break, try to move as much as you can.
If you cannot get out of the workplace, it is necessary to perform a so-called Kegel exercise: tense the pubic-coccygeal muscles, as if pulling the anus inside. This exercise is probably the best for preventing prostatitis and enhancing penile erection. It increases blood circulation to the genitals, preventing stagnation of blood. Do exercise every hour.
If the working place situation permits, do the following small exercises:
a) Pelvis rotation. Rotate the pelvis first in one, then in the other direction the same number of times.
b) Squat. It enhances the tonus of the muscles and increases blood current in the genitals.
c) Trunk leaning. It leads to increased back muscles’ tonus and enlarged flexibility.
An inactive lifestyle can do irreparable harm to your health. Therefore, try to move as much as possible.

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