Viagra is one among a few medicines which are used to treat the disease called erectile dysfunction. The major ingredient of which it is composed of is known as sildenafil citrate, which is what works its magic in helping you overcome ED for a handful of hours.

Before you start your treatment for ED with Viagra, or in fact any kind of treatment, it is important that you make an attempt to know more about the correct way to take that medication in order to get the most out of the treatment.
So, the correct and doctor recommended way to take Viagra is to swallow it through the mouth with any drink, preferably water. You must do so at least thirty to forty minutes prior to when you intend to have sexual intercourse. Viagra takes a little while to take affect, so taking it right before you are about to have intercourse will not yield results and in fact end up disappointing both you and your partner. In order for Viagra’s beneficial properties to absorb into your blood stream and work its wonders, you should take it a little bit in advance and enjoy its benefits for up to five hours.

Another thing to keep in mind when taking Viagra is the time at which you take it in terms of the meal you have prior to it. It is recommended that you take it after a light meal for it to take effect within the time specified. However, if you want to speed up the time you can have it on an empty stomach. Alternatively, taking Viagra after a particularly heavy meal will slow down the process of its taking action. Another caution to take is to avoid mixing Viagra with alcohol to avoid disastrous consequences.

What cautions must be kept in mind before taking Viagra?

It is absolutely imperative that you educate yourself about the side effects of Viagra and the toll it can take on you. Its side effects are a major concern which make this medication a prescription one rather than an over the counter medication.

The first thing to become informed about are the minor side effects of Viagra which effect an average patient from time to time. These side effects include a feeling of fainting and dizziness, having a hard time breathing, and a flushed facial complexion. However, at the same time it must be mentioned that patients only tend to experience one among the side effects and not all of these. Also, if you are allergic to sildenafil citrate you would do well to steer clear of Viagra, and your doctor would advise you of that as well.

Secondly, patients in particular who have some form of heart disease, and especially those have suffered a heart attack within the last six months prior to seeing a doctor for ED, should be aware of the negative effects of taking Viagra along with medication for their condition. Also, if you are suffering from liver disease or blood pressure, you should know that taking Viagra can cause your blood pressure levels to drop dangerously low putting your life at serious risk. So, if you suffer from any of these conditions, let your doctor know so he may advise you to the best of his capacity.

Whenever you are about to embark on a treatment plan, for ED or any other disease, it is very important that you educate yourself about the medication, its ingredients and its side effects so that if something should go wrong, you are already prepared and equipped with the knowledge of what action to take in advance, and that way cause yourself minimal harm.

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